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Dutch Qargo is a young, eager, dedicated, focused, reliable globally operating independent freight forwarder. Mainly focusing on airfreight. Located and working from Amsterdam airport, Schiphol.

Our strengths

Fast Service

We strive to react within 1 hour after receiving your question or inquiry, within office hours. Outside office hours it could take a little longer, but even than we”ll answer you with the utmost priority.


We strongly believe in signature quick response times and easy accessibility. You can reach us by phone; general number 0031(0)20 210 1255 and/or email (ams@dutchqargo.com). And if an “emergency” occurs, all our customers know our personal mobile numbers and will find us.

Pro Active

We never wait until things go wrong, we solve them upfront and in a rare case hick ups occur, we will face them, discuss them and solve them together. We never run away. Many partners and customers value our pro-active work attitude, this is  embedded in our dna.


Our personal approach is one of our core characteristics, our customers and partners deal with persons, not with a company policy or a chatbot.

Simple Costs

We try to keep life simple for our customers & partners, no hidden costs, no tricks. Easy to understand quoting. That’s our signature.

About us

We founded Dutch Qargo BV early 2018, with a clear vision. Be a partner for our customers, agents, fellow forwarders. Unburden them, as much as we can. React fast & friendly, provide the best service at the best cost. Be honest and reliable, embrace challenges.

Dutch Qargo BV has grown fast since the foundation and now has a professional team of forwarding/logistics specialists. Based in our new office on Schiphol Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands. Close to “our” Cargo, which we handle with the utmost dedication.

We mainly focus on global airfreight, but can of course handle your trucking, train (silk route) and ocean freight too. Including customs handling, documents etc.

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Contact us

If you have any request, remark and/or inquiry, the best way to contact us is per email; ams@dutchqargo.com. We strive to react within one hour (but we will be probably faster than that).

Mark Duijker

Patrick Florindo