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Freight Forwarding

Our main focus is worldwide airfreight. We have a worldwide network of agents and are members of IATA and the international networks GAA and JC Trans. But next to airfreight we also organize roadtransport, rail transport (silk route) and ocean freight. Depending on customers demands, budgets and availability of transport means.


Through our international (agent) network and direct access to and contacts with the airlines we are able to offer the best world wide logistic service at the best cost. Based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Dutch Qargo has direct access to one of the biggest airports in Europe.

Dutch Qargo offers a.o;

  • Daily or weekly consolidation freights to f.i. the Middle East and India
  • General Cargo, Dangerous Goods transport
  • Special projects like temperature controlled transports, substandard dimension/weight shipments
  • Door to door service
  • Cross Trade
  • Multi modus transport (combination of trucking or train or ocean and airfreight)
  • Priority, fast deliveries


As a fast alternative for Ocean Freight from and towards China, we can offer the “Silk Route”. A 15-25 days transit time train transport solution from/to Tilburg or Duisburg to/from multiple cities in China.

Dutch Qargo is directly connected to the European side as well as the Chinese side of the “Silk Route” train operators and can organize any traintransport smoothly.


  • Relatively fast (approx. half of the Ocean Freight transit time)
  • Cost efficient
  • FCL and LCL possible


Through our worldwide agents and partners we can offer cost efficient product distribution, pick up for air, train and ocean freight and door to door delivery services, ex (air)port, by road transport.

We can offer you;

  • Express transportservice
  • Groupage, parts and full loads
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Palletizing, repacking & labelling before transport
  • Terminal & storage facilities
  • Custom clearance
  • Dangerous Goods


We can ship full sea container loads (FCL) and part shipments (LCL ) from and to the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp or Hamburg. Thanks to many years of experience of the team in this field of transportation, Dutch Qargo has an excellent network of reliable shipping companies who know exactly how to handle your cargo.

What we can offer you;

  • LCL and FCL
  • Import & export
  • Connecting road transport
  • Reefers, temperature controlled transport
  • 20-40-40HC containers


We take care of your goods as if they were our own. We can offer storage of goods in secured (bonded) warehouses for a short or, when needed, for a longer period.

We can store, palletize, repack, label, wrap your goods. And of course we can deliver the goods for you to the wanted destination.

Supply Chain Management

On top of our warehousing service, we can help you with Supply Chain Management by doing a.o.;

  • Pick & Pack
  • FIFO check
  • Quality checks
  • Repack, label
  • JIT delivery
  • Inventory management and reporting

Customs and Compliance

In today’s global trade market one of the most spoken and complicated topic is managing the customs procedures and the trade compliances. Due to the high demanding international government and customs regulations, companies must work with a knowledgeable and trusted partner.

At Dutch Qargo, our customs and compliance professionals have all the knowledge in-house to make sure your company will be able to operate according to and comply with the international Customs and Compliance regulations. Our in place, by the Dutch Customs approved procedures, will ensure that there will be no delays in your processes and you can entrust that your cargo will be handled according to all the European customs and security regulations.

Special projects

At Dutch Qargo we are proud of our flexible professional attitude. We love the challenge to help our customers with special projects, regarding timing, special sized goods, special weight goods, dangerous goods and/or special destinations. Whether by air, road, ocean, train or a combination.

Our team will provide you the best, cost efficient, customized logistic solution for your one time or long term project. Just ask us what we can do you you.

Our strengths

Fast Service

We strive to react within 1 hour after receiving your question or inquiry, within office hours. Outside office hours it could take a little longer, but even than we”ll answer you with the utmost priority.


We strongly believe in signature quick response times and easy accessibility. You can reach us by phone; general number 0031(0)20 210 1255 and/or email (ams@dutchqargo.com). And if an “emergency” occurs, all our customers know our personal mobile numbers and will find us.

Pro Active

We never wait until things go wrong, we solve them upfront and in a rare case hick ups occur, we will face them, discuss them and solve them together. We never run away. Many partners and customers value our pro-active work attitude, this is embedded in our dna.


Our personal approach is one of our core characteristics, our customers and partners deal with persons, not with a company policy or a chatbot.

Simple Costs

We try to keep life simple for our customers & partners, no hidden costs, no tricks. Easy to understand quoting. That’s our signature.

Contact us

If you have any request, remark and/or inquiry, the best way to contact us is per email; ams@dutchqargo.com. We strive to react within one hour (but we will be probably faster than that).

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